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Promoting renewable energy in the UK.

The UK Energy Foundation is committed to helping the battle against climate change and enabling the UK to become more energy self sufficient. Through the pursuit of excellence in design, planning and development and engaging in local consultation, Your Energy is dedicated to building the right renewable energy project in the right location.



With lighting consuming up to 20% of the World's electricity, it is time for homeowners and businesses to change to Suntech Solar Low Energy Lighting which not only helps the environment but brings costs savings too. Our low energy bulbs are A rated for energy efficiency compared to incandescent bulbs which are D rated

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UK Wind energy is one of the most cost-effective and technologically advanced forms of renewable energy available in the UK. Around the world over 68,000 wind turbines have been installed. Wind turbines are straightforward to construct and decommission (returning the landscape back to what it was before). If sited correctly they have limited environmental impacts, being easily offset by the environmental benefits.
Wind energy is one of the most popular energy technologies with opinion surveys regularly showing that just over 80% of people are in favour of wind energy, and less than 10% are against it. In fact people who live closest to wind farms are more supportive than people in the rest of the country.